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Magnetic Words School Years 1-2


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This Magnetic Words School Years 1 & 2 set is great for children that are getting ready for or are in school years 1 and 2. This product will help children learn the 159 high frequency words that are taught in Years 1 & 2, also included in the National Literacy Strategy for key stage 1. As well as spelling, writing and forming sentences with them.

Bingo – Give out 10 tiles to each player. One person calls out the words from the pack. Each time a player has their word called they move it to the side and save it. The person who gets rid of all their words first wins!

Storymaker – pick out 3 or more words and tell a story including these words.

The magnetic board is 18 x 25cm.


Suitable for Ages 5-7 years.

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