About Us

Jenny’s Classroom is a family operated 100% Australian Company that is located in Orange NSW. It is owned by Trina and Brett Graham. From different backgrounds, Trina is a Trained School Teacher, while Brett has an Applied Science background.

With a background in, and a love of teaching, Trina is passionate about helping children develop their literacy and numeracy skills both at home and in the classroom. We understand that finding the ideal product can be tricky and time consuming, but as a primary school teacher, Trina understands the problems facing both teachers and parents in what is a suitable product. All too often we meet people who are finding it difficult to choose what will meet their needs, and most importantly, how to use it. Trina, Brett and our staff (Cherie and Letitia) are here to assist you select suitable activities to help reinforce key concepts and skills learnt in the classroom.

Another component of our business is our tutoring centre. It is available for all kids from Kinder through to Year 12. We run our centre based on the individual need of the student, either with help with homework, their assignments or areas they may struggle with. We believe that offering student set work or worksheets is not the best way to learn or grasp certain concepts. All our tutors are professional teachers, with vast experiences in a range of professional areas.

We strive to provide quality, Australian based resources that are aligned with, and supports the Australian Curriculum for primary school, and that are both child (and parent) friendly in their use. Combined with 13 years of business acumen, we have developed a strong focus on providing resources with positive benefits to parents and teachers.

Jenny’s Classroom & Toys2 Australian Business Number (ABN) is: 12 111 056 403