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Kid O – Magnatab Lower Case Letters



Learning to write the curves of the lowercase alphabet just got a bit easier. Use the directional arrows and trace each letter with the magnetic stylus for a sensory-driven reinforced lesson. Erases with the tip of a finger.


  • A magnetic stylus is the pen, the bead board the paper, your finger the eraser; the pull of the magnet engages sense memory in early writing lessons.
  • Explore creativity and learning with sensory-reinforced play; the stylus pulls the beads to the surface with a solid click revealing your creation.
  • Learn letters and numbers, uppercase and lower, print and cursive; trace the numbered arrows as the stylus pulls the beads up to form a solid line.
  • Push the beads down with a finger or the pen side to erase and start over; the beads are completely self-contained and do not come out of the board.
  • Made from the highest quality ABS, with a storage slot for the stylus.

Suitable for ages 3+ and measures 30 x 22 x 2cm.

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