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Maths Plus NSW Syllabus Student & Assessment Book 6



Maths Plus is a whole-school (Kindergarten – Year 6) maths program for the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. The NSW Syllabus series aims to:

  • provide spiralling content where concepts are explored, which are then built on throughout the year and across year levels. This helps learners make connections over time, supporting recall and fluency.
  • offer varied learning experiences such as interactive concept exploration, learning, practice and consolidation activities, problem solving tasks, extra support and extension activities, and mentals and homework activities.
  • enable tracking and reviewing of student learning through post-test assessment.
  • Spiralling helps Learners make connections over time, which creates more robust pathways for recalling information. Maths Plus follows a spiral approach, allowing teachers and students to build on, and revisit, content over time to consolidate Learning and increase fluency.

The Student Book aims to:

The Maths Plus Student Books are an integral part of the Maths Plus series and include:

  • four diagnostic term reviews (Years 1-6) to assess concepts and skills
  • opportunities for spiralled learning and practice
  • opportunities for students to develop and consolidate skills
  • understanding, fluency, reasoning and problem-solving
  • investigation units to explore problem-solving through open-ended investigations that allow students to apply their knowledge and show their understanding
  • contextual support and examples.

Each Student Book is packaged with a NEW corresponding Assessment Book.

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