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Build-a-pic with Wooden Carry Case



A great game to play alone or with a group. The Build a Picture magnetic carry set comes with 42 different coloured and shaped magnetic wooden pieces and 24 picture cards. The aim is to match the different wooden pieces onto the magnetic board to complete the pictures. Children can also create free form pictures and shapes with the wooden pieces.

The carry case is magnetic on both inside surfaces and comes with a secure latch and carry handle.   It’s a great set to start off teaching colours and shapes and move on to picture creation as the child gets older and more confident and independent.

Developmental Benefits:

  • Spatial perception
  • Understanding that pattern is a repetition of a sequence
  • Simple pattern interpretation skills
  • Creativity
  • Visual skills

Measures Box is 28 x 28 x 3.8cm.

Recommended age 3+

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