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Targeting Inferential Comprehension Middle Primary


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Targeting Inferential Comprehension – Middle Primary provides the tools to teach students how to read between the lines. Inferential comprehension interprets ideas, intent or information in explicit text to make assumptions. Students learn to hypothesise and conclude using their personal experience and intuition.

This series is divided into sections that cover the five elements of inferential comprehension. The five elements are:

  • Inferring – making assumptions based on context
  • Predicting – extrapolating where aspects of a text may lead
  • Analysing – interpreting the unstated notions behind what is written
  • Making connections – finding links between two elements of a text
  • Critical reflection – Students draw on their own experience and knowledge to gain insight into characters.

Also included are:

  • Assessment worksheets for each section
  • NAPLAN rubric linking assessment to NAPLAN proficiencies
  • ACARA Curriculum correlations
  • Answers
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