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Excel Grammar and Punctuation WorkbookYear 2



Excel Advanced Skills Grammar and Punctuation Workbook Year 2 will help primary school students improve their grammar and punctuation in English and other subjects. Each unit has a different theme and focuses on a set of work dealing with two or more grammar or punctuation rules and how they work in everyday writing. All activities are designed to encourage students to think about and enjoy language, and to give them meaningful practice in using it. This book is specifically written for the Year 2 Australian Curriculum English course and includes a glossary of terms to help students learn and use new words.

Chapters include:

  • To the student
  • About this book
  • 1 Wild animals
  • 2 People and places
  • 3 At the beach
  • 4 My class
  • 5 At school
  • 6 Neighbours
  • 7 Hobbies
  • 8 At the farm
  • 9 Recycling
  • 10 Aboriginal culture
  • 11 Story time
  • 12 Pets
  • 13 Museums
  • 14 On the stage


  • Glossary and Answers
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