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The Table Tunes are the original ‘tables to music’ and a huge amount of research and trialling went into their development. Initially designed for classroom use, they are the most popular multiplication table teaching CD in schools and now also in the parent market. Parents usually hear about them from teacher recommendations or other parents boasting of their child’s success.

Multiplication tables, times tables, tables chart, math tables ….. they have different names in different countries but it’s still essential for every student to learn the multiplication tables. Without the times tables in their memory they’ll struggle with maths and fall behind their class. Fortunately every child will be successful at learning times tables when he or she uses the Table Tunes CD. And they’ll enjoy learning because they’ll be listening and singing to tunes specially composed for their age group.

So what makes this tables to music CD so effective:

  •     Each table has its own completely different style of music

  •     Each table tune is age-appropriate

  •     There is no testing so the music is fun, not ‘school work’

  •     Because children love this music they choose to listen to it often

  •     Each times table is repeated five times, three times with professional singers and twice with just the music so children can sing on their own

  •     The tunes are in a pitch every child can manage.

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