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Jolly Grammar Teachers Book 5 – Print Letters


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  • Designed to accompany the Grammar 5 Pupil Book, the Grammar 5 Teacher’s Book provides detailed lesson plans for teaching spelling and grammar to children in the 6th year of Jolly Phonics.
  • Children are able to work through the Pupil Book and complete a variety of activities which develop key spelling and grammar skills.
  • The teacher is able to support and guide the children through the book with the lesson plans provided in the Grammar 5 Teacher’s Book.
  • Grammar 5 Teacher’s Book follows on from Grammar 4 Teacher’s Book, providing daily structured lesson plans, which correspond to the daily activities in the Pupil Book.
  • The book contains 36 spelling and 36 grammar lessons covering the following areas: homographs, homonyms and heteronyms; past participles; noun phrases as subjects and objects; sentence walls; simple, continuous and perfect tenses; phrasal verbs; prepositional phrases as adverbs; adverb placement; compound subjects and objects; adjective order; transitive and intransitive verbs; identifying verb tenses; prepositions and prepositional phrases; parentheses; using a colon and bullet points in a list; parts of speech and parsing; adverbs of manner, degree, place, time and frequency; and much more.


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