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Grammar Games


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This CD contains fifteen interactive games on grammar, spelling and punctuation!
Create confident readers and writers with Grammar Games; colourfully animated games for children to practice key grammar concepts taught in the classroom at home.

The CD contains

Children begin at sea, with Inky Mouse in a small rowing boat. Their task? To reach, master and complete 15 interactive games that practice grammar, spelling and punctuation skills through visiting the following five islands:

  • The Alphabet and Capital Letters –  alphabet order, letter formation and letter matching
  • Tricky Words — reinforce the 72 tricky words taught in Jolly Phonics by set or all together using a handy word search
  • Punctuation – full stops, commas, speech marks, exclamation marks and apostrophes
  • Building Words – initial/final consonant blends, compound words, digraphs, vowels, alternative spellings of vowels and spelling patterns
  • Parts of speech – verbs, common nouns, adjectives and parsing.
  • Matches the topics covered in The Grammar Handbooks or Teacher/Pupil Books 1 & 2
  • Child-friendly instructions
  • Print or precursive letter settings
  • Mac® or PC compatible

Ideal for ages 5

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