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Quercetti Kaleido Gears


Quercetti Kaleido Gears Set is a unique European toy is made by the award winning Italian company Quercetti, known for its dedication to developing children’s creativity for over 60 years. The set has 52 pieces featuring interlocking plates and neon colored meshing gears. The Quercetti Kaleido Gears Set is a great way to challenge the mind and entertain your children for years of construction fun! Children will spend hours bringing their ideas to life and watching as their Georello Quercetti handy work turns and spins. This is a great introduction to building with interlocking plates and unlimited building variations.
Developmental Benefits:
* logical thinking
* Fine motor
* hand-eye coordination
* Problem Solving
Pack of 55 Pieces Contains:
  • 6 large gears
  • 6 stickers
  • 1 crank
  • 22 white axles
  • 6 small gears
  • 4 middle gears
  • 16 interlocking plates
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