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Quercetti Georello Basic Gears


Quercetti Georello Gears is a creative Georello Gears construction set allows children to learn some simple principles of mechanics while having lots of fun. Start by building a base of your choice with the interlocking plates. Then, using the connectors provided, fit the gears together so that they will all move at the same time. Next, decorate plates and gears with the brightly coloured pegs, and finally get a spectacular chain reaction by turning the crank to set everything in motion. Georello Gears is made of soft, washable plastic with rounded edges and is durable and completely safe.
Developmental Benefits:
* logical thinking
* Fine Motor
* hand-eye coordination
* Problem Solving
Pack of 80 Pieces Contains:
  • 48 pegs (15mm diameter) in 6 different colours
  • 4 middle gears
  • 4 small gears
  • 1 large gear
  • 10 interlocking plates
  • 14 white connectors
  • 1 crank
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