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Two Nests



Two little birds build a nest together, and the female lays an egg. Out hatches baby bird, and they are all as happy as can be. Until they start to squabble and argue, and the nest is not so happy after all. The solution is for the birds to build another nest in the tree, one for Mummy Bird and one for Daddy Bird. And Baby Bird can live in both nests and go between the two as often as he wishes. Written in rhyme, and with great sensitivity, this is a lovely story to help explain to very young children why family separation is sometimes necessary – and to show that it can lead to happiness for everyone.

A unique story about family separation, for very young children. There is no other book on the market addressing this issue for under-fives. The story points up the positive aspects of this issue in a sensitive way, using a family of bird characters.

This will be a reassuring book for young children experiencing family break-up, and enjoyable and enlightening for those lucky enough not to have been through this trauma.

Softcover, 32 Pages

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