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Prime Time Comprehension 11+



Prime-Time Comprehension is a series of three books for ages 5-7, 8-10 and 11+. There are 20 original texts: five fiction, five comic strips, five nonfiction and five poems. The texts within each genre are sequenced in order of difficulty. Each four-page unit includes: the appropriately illustrated text, a page with five literal and five inferential-type questions, one with five evaluative-type questions and one with an activity to expand on the text topic.

1. original and varied texts

2. fiction, nonfiction, comic strips and poetry texts

3. texts within each genre sequenced in order of difficulty

4. our-page units for each of 20 texts

5. questions organised in three levels

7. an activity page for each text

8. an explanation of different levels of questioning

9. answers where appropriate

Ages 11+

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