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Online Classroom Australian History Yr5 Print Version



Online Classroom: Australian History Series – Year 5 includes:

  • Interactive Online Resource
    The online resource can be viewed on smart/whiteboards, tablets and laptops. This interactive resource includes videos, audio, clickable buttons, graphics and more. It is specifically targeted at engaging Year 1 students and bringing History to life for them.
  • Teachers’ Guide
    The teachers’ guide includes step-by-step instructions to using the online resource. All you will need to know about using the online resource is provided in this guide. The code and registration details are provided in this guide too.
  • BLM Activity Sheets
    Photocopiable BLM activity sheets which link to the online content are included in this package. Students can complete the activities after viewing the online content. All of the activity sheets have been carefully created to meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum.


Year 5 Curriculum-linked topics include:

  1. Establishment of the British Colonies:
    The first section helps students to develop an understanding of the reasons why Britain decided to establish colonies in Australia after 1800.
  2. Colonial Life and Patterns of Settlement:
    The second section encourages students to investigate daily life in colonial Australia for Indigenous Australians and convicts, and explores the affect of colonialism on the environment. It also looks closely at the reasons behind the location of various settlements.
  3. Events that Affected Colonies:
    This section examines frontier conflict, internal exploration of Australia and the expansion of farming.
  4. Australian Migrants:
    The fourth section provides students with the opportunity to share the experiences of different Australian migrants, such as assisted passengers, indentured labourers and those escaping the Irish Potato Famine and the Highland Clearances. It also examines the contributions of particular migrants in Australia.
  5. Great Australians:
    The final section examines the contributions that Caroline Chisholm, Louise Lawson and indigenous guides and trackers made to shaping colonies.

N.B. The online resource must be registered before it can be used.

Registration and login details can be found on page 8 of the A4 hard copy book.

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