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Funny Photo Phonics Set 1



The Funny Photo Phonics is a series of 15 small Phonics readers that aims to bring real fun back into early phonics reading. These books are full of vividly inventive illustrations using manipulated photographs. The matching text tells a real story that students remember. The Funny Photo Phonics Blends Set covers the high-utility beginning and end blends.


The Flipping Phonics book is a great way to practise reading short vowel words. With over 180 possible combinations of pictures and text, this hilarious book is the perfect way to practise early reading and phonic skills.

The 15 Titles in Set 1 include: 
A Bug and a Nut / A Cook at the Zoo / A Shark in a Shirt / Can a Cat Bat? / Cheeky Chimp? / Eggs on Legs / Gus and the Pup / Jim’s Bin / Mix It In / Sam the Ant / Ten Pens for Meg / Tom the Dog / A Bee, a Deer and a Sheep / A Fox in Socks / Sally is Sorry
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