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Basic Skills Language Conventons Year 4



This series provides teachers with a comprehensive assessment and practice program for Years 2 through 7. Specifically, it will help teachers as they prepare students for the National Assessment Program. More generally, it provides a valuable and authoritative assessment tool for literacy and numeracy for all primary schools.

The features of each book are:

1. Designed to develop subject knowledge as well as the skills and experience students need to perform well both in these tests and in school-based assessment tasks.

2. The practice activities are based on the content and requirements of the new NAP tests, and are designed to teach the knowledge and skills likely to be encountered in these tests.

3. Each book includes four tests, based on the style and content of the NAP tests, assessing students’ understanding of the preceding practice activities.

4. The Maths books contain 4 sets, one per term, of 8 practice activities and a test.

5. The Language Conventions books contain 4 sets, one per term, of 8 practice activities and 1 test, plus 8 extra writing tasks.

Each book provides work for four terms, with answers provided.

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