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6 Calculating Games


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This set of educational games and activities is designed for teaching calculating, including fractions, double and halves, number lines, multiplication, division and factors. Children will love learning simple mulitplication and division as they solve number equations to win the game. Also includes number lines and equations.The design of these games builds on previously taught mathematic skills and follows on from 6 Mathematic Games. Contents: 4 board games, puzzles, dominoes, spinner, counters and die.


Features Include:

  • This value pack contains 4 board games, puzzles, dominoes, spinner, die and counters.
  • Teaching topics include calculating, simple multiplication and division, as well as number lines and fraction equivalences.
  • Each game has self correcting elements.
  • Includes game guide with instructions.
  • Encourages students to work together to develop their calculating skills.
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